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novoMOF focuses on the development, the production and the commercialization of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). These highly porous adsorbents offer competitive solutions to global problems such as carbon capture, water scarcity, and food waste.

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Your business challenges drive us in the identification of the right MOFs.



You receive synthesized MOFs at the highest quality.

You can test them for your application.



You benefit from support in optimizing the performance of your process.



You leverage your commercial application with us, your trusted supply partner.

We scale production according to your needs from grams to tons.



You leverage the added value from MOFs for your business success.


You benefit from high-quality MOFs, application-specific performance data, and on-target program execution.


You gain access to cutting-edge MOF technology and the latest developments from our expert team.


You leverage our MOF innovation from the laboratory to industrial scale.


You benefit from the fastest growing material class that has ever existed in chemistry.


You gain access to leading MOF researchers and market players.
Daniel Steitz
Founder & CIO
Cristina Lendvai
Marketing Manager
Anna Chomiak
Application Engineer
Oliver Maurer
Lab & Production Specialist


Matthijs Ruitenbeek

In our syngas conversion development efforts at Dow we have been investigating MOFs as catalyst precursors. In order to evaluate and compare our internal benchmark on the application at hand, I was looking for a commercial supplier of MOFs. The service of novoMOF was fast and excellent! Within a short period of time, we were able to run tests on the materials supplied by them. I liked the most that the MOFs were very competitive in terms of material quality and performance in our application! And they gave great value for money. I recommend anyone to talk to novoMOF, who is interested to explore and innovate with MOFs.

Matthijs Ruitenbeek Senior R&D Manager The Dow Chemical Company
Dr. Reto Holzner

As the chief scientific officer, I am always scouting for new technology platforms to improve our products at Silent-Power AG. I’ve met novoMOF at a conference in Switzerland and we brainstormed around MOFs and energy applications. novoMOF helped me to set foot on this new technology and to assess opportunities for us. Simply said: “Questions on metal-organic frameworks? novoMOF has the answers! Efficient, friendly and very competitive!”. First they identified promising MOF candidates for our idea and then supplied them to us for real-life testing.

Dr. Reto Holzner Chief Scientific Officer econimo DRIVE
EH Group Engineering

Storage of hydrogen is one of the key obstacles to the development of the fuel cell industry, and we believe that MOF’s may provide a key to unlocking that challenge. We reached out to novoMOF to enquire assistance in developing solutions and understand what might be achieved. novoMOF provided us with valuable insights into the field and explored its potential. Unquestionably, the MOF sector is an exciting opportunity and we appreciated collaborating on it with novoMOF.

EH Group Engineering

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Daniel Steitz

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