Oliver Maurer

Oliver is responsible for the synthesis of metal-organic frameworks at lab and production scale. He has a sound background in the production of intermediates and active ingredients (non HiPo – HiPo Kat. 3). With his broad experience in the development of ingredients at pilot scale, he optimises the yield of our syntheses while increasing the quality of our MOFs.

Anna Chomiak

Anna has 14 years of industrial and R&D experience in fields related to environmental and process engineering. This broad range includes development of polymers for desalination and oilfield (BWA Water Additives), mass transfer limitations on membrane systems (biofouling) at EAWAG / ETH Zürich, and sorbents & pigments based on calcium carbonate (Omya). For novoMOF, Anna is involved customer projects as well as internal process developments.

Charles Toft

Charles is the Chief Technology Officer of novoMOF AG. With a PhD in supramolecular chemistry, Charles has been gaining further experience in material development for application-specific processes. In his role, he provides technical and chemical knowledge, and further advances our production expertise.

Wilhelm Steitz

Wilhelm is the Chief Financial Officer of novoMOF AG. He holds a diploma degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Technology Munich (TUM). Wilhelm has been active in various senior management positions in leading American software companies where he has been driving worldwide business operations.

Alessandro Brevi

Alessandro is the Business Development Manager of novoMOF AG. He holds a MSc in Economics and Finance from the University of Louvain in Belgium. Alessandro has international experience in operations, sales and new business development of separation process technologies in oil and gas, petrochemicals and energy markets. He has strong expertise in transforming technology and innovation into commercial solutions.

Cristina Lendvai

Cristina is the Marketing Manager of novoMOF AG. She holds a MSc degree in Business Administration from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland (HES-SO). Cristina has multiple years of experience across various industries with proven success in strategy development, event organisation, community management, content marketing, website development, SEO, email marketing and PPC campaigns.

Daniel Steitz

Daniel is founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of novoMOF AG. He holds a master degree in Chemical and Bioengineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Science and Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich) and has been working in the group of Professor Jeroen A. van Bokhoven. Before incorporating novoMOF AG, Daniel worked at the Paul Scherrer Institute on metal-organic frameworks under the supervision of Dr. Marco Ranocchiari. Since February 2017, Daniel is in charge of managing the PSI-spinoff.